Check Your Sources, and Check Theirs Too

As we approach Election Day, I encourage you as I have in the past to check your candidate’s sources when their campaigns run ads or discuss topics in public.

Nobody can truly expect a candidate to be 100% accurate when they’re talking as they’re only humans, whom are prone to mistakes. However, with politics as it is, no candidate is honest all the time either, and they know it.

If you haven’t heard of Annenberg’s Political FactCheck, they’re a non-profit, independent resource to check campaign ads, speeches and other topics, exposing the truth behind them as best they can.

On their site, you’ll find detailed analysis of even the lengthiest of speeches as well as rebuttals of campaign ads you see on the TV.

Some of the recent topics they’ve discussed are:

As a reminder, please check your candidate’s facts as they tell them before using them in your everyday discussion, as you may find out, they’re either inaccurate, taken out of context or purely fictional.

Election Day, here we come…