Introducing Antimatter Co.


Today, I’m happy to announce the launch of Antimatter Co.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been working on setting up my new company’s site. Thankfully, I was fortunate to get a few great clients during the first week operating as Antimatter Co. Now that those projects have slowed down, launched, or are awaiting launch, it was time to finally put a public face together for the company.

Let’s do this!

A Brutal Misinformation

I’m cautiously cynical by nature, so I find it hard to believe much of what I see online and on TV at face value. As cynical as I am, I also prefer to do some research to legitimize my cynicism or prove it wrong, too.

A video has been burning up online today after a strange delayed viral effect. The video is of an event in May 2011, but given the latest sharing activity and comments you may have read, you’d be led to believe this just happened and is just another event in a string of highly-publicized events from the Occupy camps and their press machines since September 2011. Continue reading “A Brutal Misinformation”

A Homeless Man Walked Up to Me Last Night

Homeless man with shopping cart filled with his belongings.

Normally when one approaches my window, I immediately slink in my seat, and if my window is opened, I’ll instinctively shut it. Nowadays you can never be too careful with people approaching your car without a clear intention.

This time, however, I happened to be at a Burger King. After I made my order at the menu board, I saw him trying to catch me before I drove to the pickup window. I zoomed past him in an attempt to avoid an all-too-typical question for spare change. Continue reading “A Homeless Man Walked Up to Me Last Night”

Check Your Sources, and Check Theirs Too

As we approach Election Day, I encourage you as I have in the past to check your candidate’s sources when their campaigns run ads or discuss topics in public.

Nobody can truly expect a candidate to be 100% accurate when they’re talking as they’re only humans, whom are prone to mistakes. However, with politics as it is, no candidate is honest all the time either, and they know it.

If you haven’t heard of Annenberg’s Political FactCheck, they’re a non-profit, independent resource to check campaign ads, speeches and other topics, exposing the truth behind them as best they can.

On their site, you’ll find detailed analysis of even the lengthiest of speeches as well as rebuttals of campaign ads you see on the TV.

Some of the recent topics they’ve discussed are:

As a reminder, please check your candidate’s facts as they tell them before using them in your everyday discussion, as you may find out, they’re either inaccurate, taken out of context or purely fictional.

Election Day, here we come…