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Chris Fullman | Tales of a South Floridian living in Central Virginia

Pencils down, again.

It seems like a New Years’ resolution that most people with online careers make more than once: “I’ll start blogging more,” or “I’ll resurrect my long-neglected blog,” or “I should start going to the gym instead of letting my work control my life outside of work.”

I’ve made all three of those resolutions more times than I can count. (I’m pretty sure you’ve made at least one of those resolutions, too.)

Most of the time, this site—, that is—has gone through a few different versions. A simple blog with content from my long-gone LiveJournal blog that was, in turn, migrated in-then- out of a blogging tool called Movable Type, then sucked up into an ever-evolving WordPress site that’s served me various needs over the years.

Well, I’m back. I’m back to talk about my company in a field I love, my adventures in trying to maintain my physical and mental health, my friends and family, the community I’m hoping to serve, and occasionally, my faith and politics.

Stay tuned, because I’ll have more here soon.

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